Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-04-08

April 8, 2016


Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Check that we have a room for retro [MAX] DONE
  • Add Unplanned Sprint Work tag to release template [STEPHEN] DONE
  • Put an email together describing issues around difficulties of implementing database funcitonality iteratively. [STEPHEN/MAX/MICHAEL] DONE
    • When you have a lot of interdependent work, how to do break that up and sprint-ize it.

Significant EventsEdit



  • hackathon+
    • Max got to visit Temple Mount w/Dmitry
    • Dead Sea pics with everyone covered in mud on their way.
  • Learning a lot.+
  • Content Service moving to hundo percent.++
  • Really appreciate the team's thoughtfulness of process


  • Time with team because of hackathon and TPG offsite-ish
  • Time to knock out more code for reading lists+


  • Try really hard to make ordinary things. Ordinary things do not require special handling. Special things can often be made into ordinary pieces. Ordinary is good. -Confucius
    • Stephen is like Midas. Turns ordinary things special. Fitting for the sprint name...
    • Easier to preach than to practice. Dividing things does not make them ordinary. Sometimes you just have a basket of weird things.
  • "Code is easier to write than to read." It is easier in the moment to write .size() == 0 but easier to read .isEmpty() later. When you write something that's easy to read, you flip the burden of clarity from the reader to yourself.

Longed forEdit

  • More whitespace between meetings
  • Non-database work. Small things.

Action ItemsEdit

  • Schedule continued breakdown of feeds [MAX]
  • Dmitry to review iOS product documentation to get better sense of feeds priorities [DMITRY]
  • Make T-Shirt columns for Feeds project board [STEPHEN]


April 13, 2016

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Also look into more mobile web syncs - android might be more plugged in, but its more the people who are making changes that we should sync with [MAX TO PUT IN SM/PM/PROD AGENDA] DONE
  • Get OTRS access for Sherah [SHERAH EMAILS ADAM] EMAILED
  • Get OTRS access for Rita [RITA EMAILS ADAM] EMAILED
  • Try to find users with Startup Issues using iTunes/Twiter/Google [Corey] IRRELEVANT
  • Monte to investigate OTRS feedback on startup bugs [MONTE] IRRELEVANT
  • Reschedule meetings for Rita (earlier) [MAX] DONE
    • Accommodate Sherah's schedule, prioritize planning over estimation
  • Get Rita on TestFlight [JOSH] DONE
  • Email thread: We have punted on our design research on Modal [MAX] DONE
  • Email thread: Piwik Hardware approval? [MAX] DONE

Significant EventsEdit

  • Apple! 9.3 launch and impacts and wildcards!
  • Hackathon
  • Quarterly review and exec feedback
  • Translations commited directly to our develop branch and broke our builds

Worked WellEdit

  • Working with Apple
    • Paul Marcos was very helpful with our universal links issues
    • Apple is interested in further talks and collaboration
  • Android pinging us on mobile front end apps css extension changes
  • Android dev making contribs to iOS app's Wikipedia Zero handling
  • Working with Reets! (who looks like she is currently jamming on her ipod)+1
  • More contributions to the app in general (Nick did some good work) MAN FLESH

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • Working relationship between analytics and Reading
    • Disconnect on expectations and roles
  • Translate wiki norms and communication paths


  • OTRS norms/expectations
    • Continued Processing of OTRS (are we just ignoring now?)
  • How do we want to handle cross-tagged tasks with teams that also estimate story points?

Action ItemsEdit

  • [COREY] Look into making Corey and Monte automatic viewers for anything related to MobileFrontend
  • [JOSH] Forward Max and email related to relationship with Analytics
  • [COREY] Add Max to email (to Adam) about norms related to what people external to the team can and can't commit (e.g. translate wiki norms and communication paths)
  • [JOSH] Reach out to Web to see what their OTRS norms are
  • [TEAM] Make sure tasks that are cross-tagged on Phab have tickets specific to the team (e.g., don't work on a task that is tagged "Analytics," instead make an iOS-specific task and "track" the cross-tagged one.