Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-03-25

March 25, 2016


Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Ping Brad Jorsch about clarity on login/account API changes [MICHAEL] DONE
    • Wait until we've spiked
  • Let's chat about how Kanban might change things if we used it instead of Scrum [MAX/STEPHEN] DONE
  • Make a phab task to investigate what was going on with wikitionary 404s [MICHAEL] DONE

Significant EventsEdit

  • Max and Dmitry talked with Joel about Q4 planning and epic estimation
  • New prod release.+
    • New permission doesn't seem to be too poorly received ;)
    • Very few crashes.
  • End of Q3. Tech lead rotation forthcoming!
  • 2% Content Service rollout!!!!+
  • A few sporadic volunteer contributions. We can never seem to hold on to volunteers very long.
    • Nicolas's Commons app
  • Phantom content service flapping (bad)
  • Started tracking beta releases as pointed cards
  • Experimenting with "Unplanned Sprint Work" tag


  • Seeing reading list UI patch in action+
  • TSG on top of stuff+
  • Laying out the feeds epics, and using rough estimation, made it really clear that scope for Q4 goals needed to be adjusted
  • Keeping docs up to date (specifically the Content Service deployment docs).



  • New magic incantation for purging MW cache+

Longed forEdit

  • A resolution to T126753: Build a background service that implements a queue for saving pages to disk.
  • Redlink hiding in the service
  • Make sure to plan for front-end work in sprint
  • UI work. Small work.

Action ItemsEdit

  • Check that we have a room for retro [MAX]
  • Add Unplanned Sprint Work tag to release template [STEPHEN]
  • Put an email together describing issues around difficulties of implementing database funcitonality iteratively. [STEPHEN/MAX/MICHAEL]
    • When you have a lot of interdependent work, how to do break that up and sprint-ize it.


Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Investigate more regular touchpoint with Android (email) [MAX] DONE
    • Maybe one standup per week is combined
    • Also look into more mobile web syncs - android might be more plugged in, but its more the people who are making changes that we should sync with
  • Monte needs a repeating do-OTRS invite [MAX] DONE
  • Nzr needs his own repeating do-OTRS invite [MAX] DONE
  • Week of 21st, need to schedule brownbag [MAX/JOSH] DONE

Significant EventsEdit

  • We got a Rita
  • We released 5.0.1 Kiwi
  • We got rid of Nzr (Who?)
  • Corey and I went to Yosimite
  • Had a 5.0 review with the reading team
  • Finally got an Apple contact
  • We hit our targets?
  • Max taking on the Web Monster/reducing Apps scope
  • Nirzar taking on the Web Monster/reducing Apps scope
  • Interviews?

Worked WellEdit

  • quick fixes w 5.0.1
  • 5.0.1 went off without a hitch
  • actionable next steps that came out of design research, easier
  • We're kicking ass on retention goals
  • Team has been working well, communicative, thoughtful
  • Mad OTRS feedback
    • And it got sorted!

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • remaining fixes still needed
  • Analytics infruhstructure and mis-alignment - no event data to look at :(
  • Slow dev progress (understanbly so)
  • deep debilitating depression about Brian leaving us, more medications and/or alcohols
    • related discombobulation of momentum/team dynamics
  • deep debilitating depression about Elena leaving us
  • Missed some bugs in 5.0.1
  • Concerned about late meetings for Rita
  • Xcode update broke some bits and stuff
  • Testflight doesn't want Rita


  • What do we want the new column (proposed) to solve?
  • We have punted on our design research on Modal
  • Piwik Hardware approval?

Action ItemsEdit

  • Also look into more mobile web syncs - android might be more plugged in, but its more the people who are making changes that we should sync with [MAX TO PUT IN SM/PM/PROD AGENDA]
  • Get OTRS access for Sherah [SHERAH EMAILS ADAM]
  • Get OTRS access for Rita [RITA EMAILS ADAM]
  • Try to find users with Startup Issues using iTunes/Twiter/Google [Corey]
  • Monte to investigate OTRS feedback on startup bugs [MONTE]
  • Reschedule meetings for Rita (earlier) [MAX]
    • Accommodate Sherah's schedule, prioritize planning over estimation
  • Get Rita on TestFlight [JOSH]
  • Email thread: We have punted on our design research on Modal [MAX]
  • Email thread: Piwik Hardware approval? [MAX]