Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-03-11

March 11, 2016


Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Invite iOS to unified Apps standup [STEPHEN] DONE
  • Make retro a speedy hour, carve into “retro” and “beer” [MAX] DONE
  • Swap estimation with retro on schedule [MAX] DONE
  • Max to chat with team members about 1:1 time [MAX] DONE
  • Follow up with team about posting retro [MAX] DONE

Significant EventsEdit

  • Interim ED+
  • First user options beta
    • Still very few crashes, even considering the amount of code added recently


  • Bernd's idea to estimate using upcoming boards (which have been populated via tag)
  • Bernd's data client patch and tests
  • Tagging MCS items in the sprint
  • Subtasking Android-specific tasks when the parent task overlaps with other teams
  • I'm a K Maher fan+
  • Still very few crashes, even considering the amount of code added recently
  • Reduced memory leaks+


  • Progress on my piece of pagelists/syncing/etc
  • Clarity on login/account API changes
  • Time/resources for fulfilling dependencies for our Q3 goals


  • It's confusing to have multiple sprint tags on one task
  • More about deploying MCS, and what not to do.

Longed forEdit

  • A backend for collections / reading lists+

Action ItemsEdit

  • Ping Brad Jorsch about clarity on login/account API changes [MICHAEL]
    • Wait until we've spiked
  • Let's chat about how Kanban might change things if we used it instead of Scrum [MAX/STEPHEN]
  • Make a phab task to investigate what was going on with wikitionary 404s [MICHAEL]


Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • None

Significant EventsEdit

  • We released!
  • First couple weeks without Brian
  • PRESS! <nothing happens when i press here... :(
  • New ED
  • Featured in 3d touch by apple

Worked WellEdit

  • Release Process
  • Bug triage fixing
  • TSG crankin' 'em out, readily gives process feedback
  • Got a great candidate for our open position wot wot! yay!
  • Response / fix of Testflight within 24 hours #ZONE
  • Phab UI makes tagging easy+1
    • Release boards over universal workboard
  • Generally Phab is better - a lot better
  • Josh / Max getting our backlogs and epics in order
  • We're communicating really well
  • Early press
  • Support from WMF
  • working with another team, iOS x Comms

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • BriOS uninstalled -1:( revert revert!
  • We could be a tad more punctual (ive been particularly terrible at this lately)
  • iTunes Connect
  • Web changes to CSS +1

Confuses UsEdit

Action ItemsEdit

  • Investigate more regular touchpoint with Android (email) [MAX] DONE
    • Maybe one standup per week is combined
    • Also look into more mobile web syncs - android might be more plugged in, but its more the people who are making changes that we should sync with
  • Monte needs a repeating do-OTRS invite [MAX]
  • Nzr needs his own repeating do-OTRS invite [MAX]
  • Week of 21st, need to schedule brownbag [MAX/JOSH]