Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-01-29


Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Need further discussions with Gather folks on how to proceed, email thread [BERND/DMITRY] BLOCKED ON TOBY
  • Android to get their own retro etherpad. [MAX]

Significant EventsEdit

  • Gather unrest
  • Bernd out for paternity (JK too)
  • Android becoming more Phlogible
  • Login issues.


  • Good momentum.+
  • CI tests are coming along.
  • Spoon!+
  • Completing commitments, at least points
  • Dat triage+
  • Closing tasks as soon as they reach signoff


  • Bernd
  • Some clarity on how much Mobile Content Service is taking time from sprint
  • Clarity re Gather


  • We can sync saved pages and other things without Gather if need be
  • Wiktionary is a lot bigger and broader than we thought
  • DB: Learning about community relations via Gather conversations

Longed forEdit

  • CI tests to be less flaky.
  • Less turmoil in current quarter's goals :)
  • Better maintaining of login code
  • More stable spoon tests

Action ItemsEdit

  • Check and see that the sprint 74 tasks are parented [DMITRY]
  • Create and parent additional tasks for general collections [DMITRY]
  • Check out plain j-unit screenshots for flaky CI tests [STEPHEN]


Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • iOS to get their own retro etherpad [MAX] DONE
  • Send out thread about subtasks vs. checklists vs. breaking up tasks [NIRZAR] PUNT
  • Note for next retro: Do we need to chat with Adam B about communication around services/infra team re: AuthManager
  • Discuss process moving forward for boards, planning, etc [MAX/JOSH/TEAM] AFTER "production" tag is complete
  • Email thread to discuss "State and category columns on one board" [MAX] DONE
  • Note for next retro: Are we capturing our decision-making in task form? Phab execution, etc?
    • ACTION: Schedule time after planning meetings to capture discussions into actions [MAX/JOSH]

Significant EventsEdit

Prototype Labs

Worked WellEdit

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • My reflexes (dropped iPhone 6 & broke the screen :-/)
  • Batch changing on Phab murders IRC channel
  • Release timing and build numbers
  • Still too many items in QA sign off column :(

Confuses UsEdit

  • How we should test accessibility
  • Priorities/scope for 5.0.0
    • Would like to see a couple of concrete epics that we can focus on
  • When/what we release+1
    • When Tasks X, Y, & Z are done?
      • When are they done?
    • Every week?
      • What about stuff that's in master which isn't "done"?
    • Continuously?
    • Related, when do we run regression tests?
  • OTRS Plan
  • WIP limit for Blocked or Waiting
    • Purpose of Blocked or Waiting (also TSG needs)

Action ItemsEdit

  • Figure out regression test possibilities with the A11Y people [BRIAN]
  • Josh to articulate 3-5 big areas/epics during planning meeting [JOSH]
  • Try to release a beta every Tuesday planning meeting (and plan for the next one)