Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-01-20


January 15, 2016

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

Significant EventsEdit

  • All hands/Dev summit
  • Bowling
  • Holidays
  • MCS pre-generation started (main pages get stale without it)
  • Wiktionary patches merged!+++
  • Grooming kicked off and becoming regular. Triage column geting shorter. :)
  • Android piloting Phlogiston


  • MediaWiki, etc (non-Android) tech talk
  • all hands +1+
    • Meeting people face-to-face for the first time +
      • Giving Stephen an idea of how tall everyone really is -+ (I'm actually standing right now, can you tell?)
  • working with people IRL for a bit


  • bowling skills of my youth
  • action items from Dev Summit
  • Dedicated QA resources
  • Still struggling to meet our sprint-to-sprint commitments
    • kan to the ban


  • Dmitry is a wicked, vengeance-driven+1 bowler
  • Gather might be lacking some features for saved pages. Still to be confirmed. Gather is currently only on enwiki and hewiki, plus en.wikivoyage.

I doubt it supports cross-wiki lists. ( (+-1)

Longed forEdit

  • Releases each iteration/sprint
    • -1 not until this is better automated
  • More face-time with Android IRL+

Top three items, from "4L's" (if short on time)Edit

Action ItemsEdit

  • Need further discussions with Gather folks on how to proceed, email thread [BERND/DMITRY]


January 20, 2016

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Send out thread about subtasks vs. checklists vs. breaking up tasks [NIRZAR] NOT DONE
  • Figure out how to use release tags going forward [MAX/JOSH] DONE
  • Setup a calendar event to notify us 1 & 2 months before so we can have our iTC ducks in a row [BRIAN] DONE

Significant EventsEdit

Worked WellEdit

  • Navigation meetings at dev summit +1
  • Monte's weekend projects+1
  • Bowling+1+1
  • Big sandwich
  • Cap on featureset for 5.0 production
    • i.e. we defined one—sticking to it will be the challenge
  • Feedback survey+1

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • Lacking #Easy-tagged tasks in our backlog
    • We have a person willing to contribute 3-4hrs/wk but we don't know what they should work on
  • Communication w/ services/infra team about AuthManager changes
  • Project management and planning bandwidth(+BG)
    • What are the bottlenecks & time-sinks?
    • Anything we can do to self-organize and give you space to think at a higher-level?

Confuses UsEdit

  • State and category columns on one board
    • Resolving tasks that don't go through flow
    • BG: Only concern is order of operations: prototyping/design -> acceptance criteria -> estimation -> dev
  • Connecting our planning meeting aspirations with Phab reality
  • We should talk QA changes

Top three items, from "Worked Poorly" and "Confuses Us" (if short on time)Edit

Action ItemsEdit

  • iOS to get their own retro etherpad [MAX]
  • Send out thread about subtasks vs. checklists vs. breaking up tasks [NIRZAR]
  • Note for next retro: Do we need to chat with Adam B about communication around services/infra team re: AuthManager
  • Discuss process moving forward for boards, planning, etc [MAX/JOSH/TEAM]
  • Email thread to discuss "State and category columns on one board" [MAX]
  • Note for next retro: Are we capturing our decision-making in task form? Phab execution, etc?
    • ACTION: Schedule time after planning meetings to capture discussions into actions [MAX/JOSH]