Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2015-12-04


December 4, 2015

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Send email about learnings from Proguard / Support lib / MapView [Dmitry] NOT DONE
  • Weekly digest of funny/positive Play Store feedback [Dmitry] DONE
    • "Stars from Midnight"
    • "The Midnight Copy"
  • Email thread: How reading strategy will effect android team [KAITY] DONE
  • Investigate mentorship (and product) opportunities (related to GSOC/Outreachy/Israel) [Q3&4 PLANNING?]


  • ET: Love the sense of completeness in android app - both in design and stability (+KH)
  • Dmitry’s presentation of the latest with the app (+ response) (mdh)
  • MB: Team covered Elena while she was out



  • [db] try to have more foresight in anticipating design changes in complex tasks
  • KH Trying to balance long term design thinking with quick improvements

Longed forEdit

  • Bernd +1+1+1+1 (looking forward to return of the bernd!)
  • ET: more time for qa :( - somehow the end of a sprint comes too soon every time

Top three items, from "4L's" (if short on time)Edit

Action ItemsEdit

  • Send email about learnings from Proguard / Support lib / MapView [Dmitry]
  • Production-release-cadence digest of funny/positive Play Store feedback [Dmitry]
    • "Stars from Midnight"
    • "The Midnight Copy"


December 7, 2015

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Bump up QA column WIP? Evaluate WIP (email) [TEAM] DONE
  • Batch move all alpha tagged, resolved tasks in PM signoff to released column [MAX] DONE
  • Make a devops ticket for investigating travis [BRIAN] DONE

Worked WellEdit

  • Major cleanup of bug backlog YEAH!+1+1
  • Hard stop on beta tickets
  • Board filters+1
  • Putting relevant specs on tickets/PRs (I hope?)
  • I've been liking putting screenshots on pr's

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • Scheduling estimation meeting is hard
    • Possible Designers can move their weekly meeting up by 30 min?
  • CI being all weird. But hopefully fixed now
  • Estimation meeting over discussions
  • Loss of focus on beta tasks

Confuses UsEdit

  • WIP limit for "Blocked or Waiting"
    • Are WIP limiters something we don't need?
  • Balancing team need for delivery, org need for user value, personal mental bandwidth for decision making and standards of quality/aspirations
  • points/icons disappearing from phabulabutabulator

Top three items, from "Worked Poorly" and "Confuses Us" (if short on time)Edit

Actions ItemsEdit

  • Design to rejigger design meeting to squeeze in estimation [MAX TO EMAIL]
  • Email thread about subtasks vs. checklists vs. breaking up tasks [MAX TO EMAIL]