Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2015-11-20


November 20, 2015

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Update on Samsung devices? [ADAM] [DONE PINGED]
  • Add cards for detecting regressions when pulling in CSS changes from the MW extension [Stephen] DONE
  • Investigate moving emulator-dependent tests to async operation [Dmitry] DONE
  • Adam ping Toby about crashes on nontrivial subset of devices [ADAM] DONE
  • Weekly digest of funny/positive Play Store feedback [Dmitry] NOT DONE
    • "Stars from Midnight"
    • "The Midnight Copy"
  • Cancel design review [MAX] DONE
    • Standups/adhoc meetings instead
  • Email thread: GSOC/Outreachy -- how many can we accommodate? [MICHAEL] DONE


  • Killin' it
  • Another great patch from a volunteer+


  • (-(EMAIL))+++++++
  • Getting the new /page/summary endpoint deployed by RB team


  • Four Ls, three S'
  • Derper understanding of Android View internals
  • All about testing (JUnit + TSG)+

Longed forEdit

  • Spoon regression testing
  • Fast CI

Top three items, from "4L's" (if short on time)Edit

Action ItemsEdit

  • Send email about learnings from Proguard / Support lib / MapView [Dmitry]
  • Weekly digest of funny/positive Play Store feedback [Dmitry] NOT DONE
    • "Stars from Midnight"
    • "The Midnight Copy"
  • Email thread: How reading strategy will effect android team [KAITY] MAYBE DONE
  • Investigate mentorship (and product) opportunities (related to GSOC/Outreachy/Israel) [Q3&4 PLANNING?]


November 20, 2015

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Action! Research how other teams do specs (e.g. Reading Web team) [BRIAN/JOSH] DONE
  • Action! We need a standard QA rigor, engineers to design a QA acceptance criteria for all testing [TEAM] DONE (WILL REVISIT/MONITOR REGRESSION)
  • Action! Groom QA column [JOSH] DONE
  • Action! Assign a day of the week that we regularly release? Email thread [JOSH/TEAM] DONE
  • Action! Schedule a team-wide regular planning meeting [MAX] DONE
  • Action! Let's talk about how we define "done" [MAX] DONE
    • New columns in Phab

Worked WellEdit

  • Defined "done"
    • Hooray more accurate velocity measurement!
  • Cleaned up QA column
  • Feed loading experience and quick iteration on designs
  • Phab wrangling by josh+1
  • Defining Design Priorities+1
  • Nirzar's design presentation++1

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • Flakey travis builds: losing value here, need to figure out a fix
  • Template
  • Versioning and QA testing (bring build version number back to bottom of icon? oops we have this)
    • It's still in the "about" but you don't even know if bug X is in build N. knowing the build # isn't the problem
  • Regressions+
  • i10n bot?
  • considering cases while desinging

Confuses UsEdit

Top three items, from "Worked Poorly" and "Confuses Us" (if short on time)Edit

Actions ItemsEdit

  • Bump up QA column WIP? Evaluate WIP (email) [TEAM]
  • Batch move all alpha tagged, resolved tasks in PM signoff to released column [MAX]
  • Make a devops ticket for investigating travis [BRIAN]