Readers/Various wikis of Wikimedia, and how to log in to them

Upon starting at WMF, you will find yourself with login information for several wikis, and may find that it's not obvious what all of the various wikis are for, and which login corresponds to which wiki. To lend a helping hand, here's a breakdown of the various wikis around Wikimedia, and how to log in to them.

Single-User Login (SUL) wikis Edit

For this group you will be assigned a staff account with a username consisting of your first initial and last name, with the initials capitalized, as well as a "(WMF)" suffix, e.g.: MHolloway (WMF).

When you log in to any wiki in this group, you will be logged in to the entire group.

The SUL group includes all of the Wikipedias, as well as other Wikimedia projects:

Besides the Wikipedias, the most important of these for your staff purposes will likely be Wikimedia Commons (a repository of free and open media content, used heavily in the Wikipedias) and Wikidata (an open repository of structured data, with integration with the Wikipedias). Additionally, serves as the primary repository for knowledge about public processes, procedures, and goings-on around Wikimedia, in addition to documenting the MediaWiki software (the software that powers our projects).

An internal staff wiki. Your assigned username here will likely be of the same form as your login for the SUL wikis, but it is not the same account! Be sure to save this as a separate entry in your password manager of choice, or you will quickly become perplexed.

The Wikimedia Foundation's primary public-facing website. For this wiki you will receive another separate staff login account with a username identical to your SUL login. Again it isn't the same account, and it also isn't the same as your Officewiki account. You probably won't have much interaction with this wiki.

Wikitech is a public repository of operational information about Wikimedia's technology. You will not be assigned a username and password here, but will create them when signing up for developer access, if you are in a technical position. This credentials for this wiki are stored in LDAP and used by a bunch of other services, most notably Gerrit.

Other wikis Edit

  • (TWN) ( — not a Wikimedia project, but an open-source translation community that provides string translations for the Wikimedia software projects. Accounts are restricted to translators only.

A note on case-sensitivity Edit

MediaWiki usernames are case-sensitive except for the first character, which is automatically capitalized.