Wikimedia Apps/Team/Android/Core metrics

The following are the core metrics for the Android Wikipedia app that WMF has been tracking on a regular basis since around 2015, reported in the Audiences insights presentation series (formerly the Readers team's quarterly metrics meetings) and (partially) in the Audiences department's monthly readers metrics update. Listed roughly in funnel order.

  1. Install actions (and uninstall actions) by device from Google Play (also available per country)
  2. Installs on active devices (not the same as active users), from Google Play (introduced in 2016)
  3. Pageviews, based on our own data, accessible via Hive and Pivot (also available per country)
  4. Active users (daily and monthly) based on our own webrequest data from Hive (also available by country)
  5. Weekly session metrics, based on our own webrequest data from Hive
  6. Day-7 retention, from our own EventLogging data
  7. Sort of outside the funnel: the average daily average [sic] rating from Google Play, reported by quarter

The data for 1.,3.,4.,6. and 7. is regularly updated or calculated in this internal spreadsheet (initially created by Tilman for his personal use, but contains some documentation on data sources and data anomalies).

Day-7 retention since 2016

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