Uikimitia App/Ua̍t-tho̍k tshing-tuann liû-lám-khì ê khok-tián

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Icon for the Wikipedia Reading List browser extension. Depicted is a black "W" followed by a smaller blue bookmark icon.
Khok-tián ê tôo-piau

On the Android and iOS version of the Wikipedia app users can create synced reading lists. Based on feedback from users of the feature, browser extensions were created by the mobile apps team. These extensions allow web users to add articles to their default list of saved articles in the mobile app.

Hā-tsài liû-lám-khì khok-tián

Tse beh an-tsuân ūn-tsok?

The initial version of the browser extension allows app users to add articles to their default list of saved articles in their app.

Synced reading lists must be enabled from settings within the app in order to use this extension. Users will be prompted to log in to Wikipedia so that articles added to the reading list via the browser extension can sync to the same Wikipedia account.

Guá kám ē-tàng teh bor app ê tsîng-hóng tsi-hā sú-iōng tsit-ê liû-lám-khì ê khok-tián?

Not right now. The browser extension enables adding articles to accounts with sync-enabled reading lists, which is currently a feature exclusive to Wikipedia's iOS and Android apps. The Reading List feature may only be activated from the Wikipedia app, and your saved articles may only be viewed within the app as well.

Teh tó-uī ē-tang hā-tsài tsit-ê ìng-iōng tîng-sū tsū-án-ne khai-sí sú-iōng tóng-pōo ua̍t-tho̍k tshing-tuann?

Get the Wikipedia iOS app from the App Store.

Get the Wikipedia Android app from the Google Play Store, or from F-Droid.

Guá kám ē-tàng teh bor Uikipitia kháu-tsō ê tsîng-hóng tsi-hā sú-iōng tsit-ê liû-lám-khì ê tîng-sū?

No. You must create an account to sync reading lists to the app when they are added from the browser extension.

Ū tá tsi̍t-kuá liû-lám-khì ē thê-kiong tsit-ê khok-tián?

Tsit-ê khok-tián tîng-sū ē-tàng teh Chrome, Firefox hām Safari tíng-tíng ê liû-lám-khì tíng-kuân sú-iōng.

Ún-su hām sòo-kì kiōng-hióng

The Wikipedia Reading Lists extension requires that you log in to your Wikipedia account in order to add articles to your account’s Reading List. In addition to your username and password, browser information is also transferred to WMF. We will use this information to operate and improve the Reading List feature.

With the exception of the Reading List itself, the information transferred to us will be de-identified, aggregated, or deleted within 90 days, in accordance with our Data retention guidelines.

More information can be found on the Privacy Policy page for this extension: https://foundation.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_Reading_Lists_Browser_Extension_Privacy_Policy