Wikimania Scholarships app/Developing using Vagrant

The MediaWiki Vagrant project contains a wikimania_scholarships role that will provision and configure the Scholarships application within a Vagrant container.

Getting startedEdit

  1. Follow the Quick start instructions to setup a basic MediaWiki Vagrant environment.
  2. Enable the scholarships role in Vagrant:
    $ vagrant roles enable scholarships
  3. Ask Vagrant to provision and configure the Scholarships application:
    $ vagrant provision
  4. Browse the installed application at
    The host name resolves to the (localhost) IP address and is used by the Apache instance running on the Vagrant VM to route requests to the Scholarships application rather than to the MediaWiki that is also installed there.

What you getEdit

  1. Local clone of the wikimedia/wikimania-scholarships git repository hosted at
  2. Mysql database named scholarships
  3. Mysql user scholarships for use by the application
  4. Scholarships database populated with initial database schema
  5. A Scholarships user named 'admin' with password 'password' that can be used to create additional user accounts and do reviews
  6. Application log messages are written to /vagrant/logs/scholarships.log which is visible in the VM and as the logs directory
  7. Emails sent by the application are routed to /vagrant/logs/mail.log rather than being sent externally