Wikimania Scholarships app/Backlog

Unfinished stories/requirements for the Wikimania Scholarship app.


Items in the backlog have been prioritized by the product owner and are ready for grooming by the team and selection for inclusion in an increment.

  1. bug 58071 [Allow administrators to configure review settings]
    • Allow Admins to set the active review phase
    • Allow Admins to set weighting factors for review criteria
    • Allow Admins to set number of spam votes needed to disqualify an application from further review
    • Allow Admins to set application period start/end time
  2. bug 58070 [Handle framework exceptions]
    • An exception during the error handler process will cause the user to see an undecorated Apache 500 error page
    • If the template cache directory isn't writable the user sees a blank page


The icebox is a holding queue for items that have been suggested for possible inclusion in a future increment but have not yet been prioritized by the product owner.

Unfulfilled RequirementsEdit

  • Allow Admins to assign reviewers to regions where they are responsible for reviewing all applications
  • Allow Admins to export applicant information and reviewer scores for external processing
  • Allow Admins to import historic applicant information and grant status
  • Allow Reviewers to search historic applicant information for matches based on a given application

Nice to haveEdit

  • Allow Admins to record the final score and decision for an application
  • Allow Admins to archive final status of application to historic applicant table
  • Allow Admins to edit country/region information

Random ideasEdit

  • Make scholarships an OAuth client application so that applicants can verify that they control a user account

Technical debtEdit

Technical debt is typically non-requirements related code and infrastructure improvements that the team feels would make the product easier to maintain or extend. The development team should propose any high priority issues here for inclusion in an increment during sprint planning/backlog grooming. The team should also look at this list when selecting work for a given sprint to see if there is tech debt that can/should be included based on the sprint goal.

Error and logging enhancements
  • Expose global logger to form, dao, etc via dependency injection
  • Add logging for errors and warnings

Testing enhancements
  • We should have at least a happy path round trip test for filling out an application

Production hardening
  • Find out if it is the app's responsibility to ensure that php.ini is setting up sessions securely (good hash, http-only, etc)

UI/UX enhancements
  • Create a basic "grid display" controller that handles the plumbing for paging and displaying results (and sorting?)

Auth layer is barely implemented. Authentication is handled reasonably well but authorization is ad hoc and fragile.
  • This may be better with most recent changes, but likely is not complete. Need to better understand the required privilege classes.
  • Should be more clear after establishing the reviewed workflow
Localization issues
  • Make sure l10n files and workflow is compatible with translatewiki
  • Add l10n of country names for application form
  • Create Twig filter/function to handle string localization
  • Log a warning when a localized message isn't found (fallback to en or raw key)
Replacement/requirements for bulk mail functionality
Note: This epic may not be needed if WMF/Scholarship Committee have access to external bulk mailers and can export lists of names/emails
  • Legacy code for this was ... less than ideal (eg manual editing of php source to put the template message in, no send rate limit).
  • It also looks like every year they invented a new way to decide which applications should get which message.