Wikibase itself needs to be configured, with appropriate settings. See the below links:

Using the Wikidata Build repository provides extra options to allow you to choose to deploy Wikibase Repo and/or Wikibase Client.

// Load the Repo Extension (default false)
$wmgUseWikibaseRepo = true;
// Load the Client Extension (default false)
$wmgUseWikibaseClient = true;
Maintenance scripts

The Maintenance scripts help within this repo will not work if you do not have the environment variable **MW_INSTALL_PATH** defined.

If you do not and can not define this variable please use the **runScript.php** maintenance script within mediawiki core (see comments in that file for instructions).

Manually update a build

Manually updating a Wikidata build requires composer to be installed on the system.

In the root Wikidata "extension" directory, run:

composer update -o