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The Wikibase team is aware of the vulnerability in log4j announced on December 9, 2021: CVE-2021-44228 aka log4shell. In our Wikibase Docker install, the only piece of software affected by this vulnerability is the version of Elasticsearch we currently use, 6.5.4. This is an older version of Elasticsearch. See Elastic's own announcement.

Official Wikibase logo since 2014
Official Wikibase logo since 2014

For now, users of the wikibase-release-pipeline Docker images should circumvent this vulnerability by disabling log4j lookups.

To circumvent the vulnerability, add the following Java option to the ES_JAVA_OPTS variable specified in your docker-compose(-extra).yml file and restart your Docker images:


This patch is also available on our github mirror.

Going forward we will carefully vet any new software or new versions of existing software to ensure the log4shell vulnerability is not present.

Feel free to respond on our questions page with any questions or concerns. Thanks for your attention.