Wiki Techstorm 2018/Reports

Wiki Techstorm, The Hague 2018
Wiki Techstorm, The Hague 2018


Participants working at the Wiki Techstorm 2018 in The Hague.

Here you find the reports of the attendees of the Wiki Techstorm 2018 in the Hague.

We've asked participant to make a report of their Techstorm adventure. This may be in any way they like and that suits them: a report on Facebook, Twitter or a blog. With photos, a short video or just text. The most important condition we set is that the content is released under the free license Wikipedia also uses, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

Deadline for the report is December 1, 2018, by publishing on this page

On social media they can tag us as @wmnl or @Wikimedia_Nederland.

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  1. Fricke Oosten: on LinkedIn
  2. Karen Goes: Facebook
  3. 1Veertje
  4. Merlijn van Deen / valhallasw: Wiki Techstorm 2018 on LinkedIn
  5. Loikke: on Tumblr
  6. Ursula Oberst / Walkuraxx: on LinkedIn
  7. Arybolab
  8. Michelle: [1]