Wiki Loves Monuments mobile application/Retrospective

WLM Project RetrospectiveEdit

19 September, 2012

What worked/went well?Edit

What didn't?Edit

  • bugzilla and mingle didn't work together so well
    • possibly only use bugzilla for defects+
  • [Jon] i18n stuff +++
  • spike
  • week-long sprint
  • insufficiently curated backlog - last-minute surprise features +
  • inability to respond to serious app crashes
  • upstream communication with WLM; not always clear who was responsible for what, lots of buck-passing +
  • mobile app vs. web app - often approached things from a perspective that would work well for a web app but not a mobile app +
  • In the beginning, it was assumed that we can use TS and existing code just fine. How do I type a double-dotted i in "naive"? +
  • beta releases
    • Perhaps could have released earlier to the app store? +
  • 1 week iteration
  • too many meetings? (possibly due to 1 week iterations) +
  • lack of attention to mobile site
  • [Arthur] volunteer involvement++++
    • being more tactical in our community, applying more mentoring
    • build more time into our sprints for volunteer engagement +
    • open up planning process
    • public bug triage
    • we could not have done the data/api without the volunteers, particularly Maarten
  • bring back yuvi +
    • 1/2013 - can we add a timer to the big screen after Wiki Loves Monuments is over
      • YES - TTY - TimeTillYuvi
  • feature creep?
  • [Team] arthur didn't code as much as he could have +++

Anything still puzzling?Edit

  • [Brion] out of memory errors are hard to reproduce; we kinda know where it might be failing but it's hard to tell for sure what's at fault
  • [Tomasz] When we will bury it?
    • should we bury it - well, if you're personally interested in maintaining it... Good luck! :P
      • YES