Rerun a jobEdit

In case you need to rerun a job, there are two options.

  • Log in to Jenkins, go to the build page and click on "Rebuild". You can change build parameters before the rebuild starts.
  • Remove and re-add the tag that triggers the job:
git tag -d 1.23.0
git push origin :refs/tags/1.23.0

and then re-add the tag

Stable release build failsEdit

A reason might be a bad OLDREV value. In that case, trigger a rebuild and change the value of OLDREV to the commit id of the last tag.

No patch filesEdit

There are no patch files with stable releases (1.XX.0).


Jenkins tests failEdit

Sometimes, the parser tests fail without an obvious reason, e.g. when changing the version number. In order to rerun the test, just add a comment with "recheck".