WikiReleaseTeam/Architecture meeting 2014

MW 1.22.2: Lessons learnedEdit

  • Clear demarkation between release management team and foundation staff.
  • We should do point releases once a month
    • send email to wikitech-l/mediawiki-l 1 week before with list of changes slated
    • We will not RC point releases, just the above
    • tracked via a bugzilla version thingy?
    • these point releases are separate from security point releases, separate processes
  • Known issues don't have to be fixed
  • Before the point release, we should send a reminder on open issues to the list
  • What do we call ourselves, etc.
    • "MediaWiki Release Team"
  • Mark to summarize this and write announcement email.

MW 1.23Edit

  • Send out goals
    • Composer support
  • LTS: branch earlier and send out weekly reminders