WikiReleaseTeam/2014-09 Work towards Developer Community (Monthly Report)

September 26, 2014

During August and September of 2014, we continued to galvanizing the interest of people and stakeholders in a developer community. Presented below is a summary of the activities:


  • User Group:
    • With input from Quim, we renamed the user group from “Wiki Co-op” to “MediaWiki Cooperation”.
    • Working with the members of the potential user group, we finalized the text of the submission for the user group’s recognition.
    • We held two meetings for the User Group on Google Hangouts.
    • We explored a lead on the possibility of working with the Berkeley School of Business to start the environmental scan. The school is currently committed to another project and is unavailable for this year.
  • On Tuesday, August 26, Mark met with James Montalvo (NASA) and others to discuss their proposed presentations at SMWCon in Vienna. James also shared a visualisation tool that he produced to show which pages were being watched and by whom.
  • Mark had a discussion with representatives from CPanel (Sep 1-Sep 3) . They are planning on changing how they incorporate other applications. They also offered to help us with any information we needed.
  • There have been some monitoring activities of development for changes that affect non-WMF users.


  • User Group
    • We are investigating technical solutions for a developer exchange. Markus has reached out to Jens Best from Startnext.
    • We are continuing to work on the recognition of the user group by AffCom. Manuel Schneider agreed to work with Markus on the submission and recognition process.
    • Mark is beginning to work with Cindy Cicelese (MITRE) to publicize new features in 1.24
    • We are working on the 3rd-party focused development roadmap. Kunal, Richard (Hallo Welt!), and Krabina will assist.
    • We are researching potential sources of income and funding.
  • We are continuing outreach work through direct contact, following up with inquiries, and networking.
  • We are continuing to look at alternative forms of distribution. Next up is Docker.