What should I edit

Concept edit

80-90% of the articles on Wikipedia Articles are stubs. This is the long tail of our content. Users with some amount of intermediate experience are looking for things to do. Historically bots on Wikipedia have done a considerable amount of work with collecting stubs and categorizing them to build the framework of what we might call interest graphs. What Should I edit targets the intermediate user and provides recommendations on articles which need help. Articles interpolate page views, types of issues (no citations, references, missing images etc).

What should I edit is based on Tedderbot/ Suggestbot edit

Tedderbot generated graphs

Tedderbot does this right now and is able to collect the following relevant metadata:

  • Page Views
  • Total no of bytes
  • Date of Article Creation

What Types of Users is this for? edit

  • New Users
  • Users who need relevance
  • Users who have edited before
  • Users who use suggestbot with relevance settings