Watchlist wishlist

Watchlist wishlist

Per Requesting a user-centred rethink of how watchlists work

Objective and rationale

To write: What are watchlists meant to achieve? How are they meant to be used? How does this vary by type of user?

Top-level plan

To write: What are the major ways in which the nature of watchlists should shift and change, and why (with reference to the above)?

Specific changes

To write: For each proposed change, does it have a brief description, link to a page or bug describing how it would work, a quick evaluation of their technical complexity and dependencies, and a justification for its relative priority (given the top-level plan)?





The main requests identified so far are

  • cross-wiki watchlists (supporting interwiki collaboration)
  • public or shared watchlists (supporting intrawiki collaboration)
  • improved management of the watchlist (adding, removing, searching, processing - supporting efficiency of watchlist system)
    • including grouping or tagging items
    • including adding items temporarily (with temporarily watched items automatically removed after specific time or event)
    • including adding/removing categories (handling of additions/removals from category, not just edits to category page)
    • including automatically adding/removing subpages of a watched page
    • including watching a user's contributions
    • including annotating individual watchlist items

Bug list


List of major watchlist-related feature requests

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