Vue.js/Built with Vue

Project Author Status Components Docs Source Code Notes
CodexExample Design Systems Team Experimental Codex Extension:CodexExample GitLab Example MediaWiki extension that uses Codex components (Vue and CSS-only), design tokens, and icons
Commons MediaSearch Structured Data Team In Production Codex, some Structured Data custom components Extension:MediaSearch Gerrit The development of this feature was written about in a Wikimedia Tech Blog post. Provides a fallback no-js interface using PHP and Mustache; the Vue-based UI replaces this when JS initializes. Most of the custom base components were migrated to Codex in June 2023, but some remain.
Content Translation 3 (CX3) Language Team In Production MW components (see here for source) Extension:ContentTranslationContent translation/Section translation Gerrit One of the first MediaWiki features to adopt Vue.js. This feature is developed as a stand-alone application outside of MediaWiki and bundled using Vite. More info about the development of CX3 can be found here.
Desktop Improvements Typeahead Search Web Team In Production Codex Desktop Improvements Part of Vector 2022 The initial pilot project for Vue.js usage in MediaWiki. This project was originally developed using WVUI (Web Team Vue 2 component library), but has since been migrated to Codex. The TypeaheadSearch component itself lives within the Codex library and can be used elsewhere.
Growth Experiments Mentor Dashboard Growth Team In production Codex, custom components Extension:GrowthExperiments See T297763
Growth Experiments New Impact module Growth Team In production Codex, custom components Extension:GrowthExperiments See T222310
NearbyPages Extension Web Team In Development Codex Extension:NearbyPages Gerrit NearbyPages was originally part of MobileFrontend extension; it was migrated to Vue & Codex as part of its refactor into a stand-alone extension that can be used more widely.
PageTriage Moderator Tools Team In Production Codex Extension:PageTriage Gerrit
QuickSurveys Extension Web Team In Production Codex Extension:QuickSurveys Gerrit Originally developed using WVUI, QuickSurveys has been migrated to Codex as of July 2022.
ReadingLists extension Web Team In Production Codex Extension:ReadingLists Gerrit
RelatedArticles Extension Web Team Bootstrap version in production; Vue.js port in progress Codex port in progress Extension:RelatedArticles Gerrit Deployment of Vue.js version is currently blocked until some questions around performance/SSR can be resolved.
SearchVue Extension Structured Data Team In Development Minimal Codex use (for one icon), custom components otherwise Extension:SearchVue Gerrit Experimental project. Will adapt some of the UI elements from MediaSearch to enhance the standard search page.
Toolhub Wikimedia Technical Engagement In Production Custom components meta:Toolhub Gerrit Developed outside of MediaWiki using Vue-CLI. Vue 2 application.
VueTest Design Systems Team Experimental Vue 3 (compat. mode)/Codex Extension:VueTest Gerrit Sandbox and testing ground for Vue.js code in MediaWiki.
Wikibase Tainted References WMDE Gerrit
Wikibase Termbox WMDE In Production (mobile only) Wikit WMDE developed a stand-alone SSR service to support this feature.
Wikidata Bridge WMDE In Production Wikit Wikidata bridge Gerrit Currently on selected wikis only
Wikidata Query Builder WMDE In Production Wikit Query Builder Gerrit
WikiLambda Abstract Wikipedia Team In Development Codex Extension:WikiLambda Gerrit DST collaborated with Abstract Wikipedia team to alpha-test some Codex components in this project.
WikiLove Unmaintained In production Codex (minimally) Extension:WikiLove Gerrit A minimal port to Vue was done by Jon Robson, but more work remains (e.g. using the Codex Dialog component)
WikiSearchFront Robis Koopmans (Wikibase Soltuions) Released MW 1.31+; ships with its own vue.min.js Extension:WikiSearchFront Github Front-end for the WikiSearch extension