Volunteer coordination and outreach/Openhatch 2013-02-27

Attendees: Asheesh (Openhatch), Sumana, Andre, Chris, Željko, Quim.

Areas of potential collaboration:

Fixing easy bugsEdit

  • Sumana and Andre to work on Little Annoying Bugs https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Annoying_little_bugs and EASY marked bugs in BZ.
  • 3-10 for https://openhatch.org/wiki/Curated_First_Tasks
  • Bugzilla dummy user account to create for tasks, give it a clear name ("Do not fix" style, openhatch-robot@ or so) and assign OpenHatch tasks to this specific user and set bug status to ASSIGNED.
  • Openhatch goes through EASY bugs and select the ones they want to offer to volunteers, and assign them to that bug assignee someone takes them.
  • Bug reports need resetting of assignee/status after X months to avoid cookie-licking (should create Bugzilla query for "assignee and status not changed for X months)
  • https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Contribute also check out Wikidata easy bugs?

Organizing activitiesEdit

  • Possibility to consider acceptance testing contributions - to organize browser testing activities.
  • We must decide how many activities we organize this year - and what types of activities.
  • Possible topics: exploratory / automated testing, coding, documentation (including video tutorials).
  • We need to do better followup, keeping contributors and sending them to appropriate next projects.

Contributors managementEdit

  • Pitching https://trello.com/ - especially the workflow, in the lines of agile development.
    • Agile kanban-esque workflow seems to map well to task at hand.
  • We need to solve intake, assignment of tasks, followup.

Some lessons from another projectEdit

  • automatically IDing when people show up via activity is important.
  • workflow -- people take ownership of a volunteer, 1 person manages the team of mentors & eyeballs whether people are communicating per their commitments, automatic means we can't miss people on intake. you can evaluate whether you have enough bandwidth to comm with all these people & you can automate.
  • Start as far "left" as possible
  • in one other community, team of mentors: 3 active, 6 lurkers. ~145 people in the initial queue. ~5 have in the past year made it to Package Maintainer.
  • try to get people good at what they want to be doing
  • What tool?

General collaborationEdit

  • Openhatch might want to consider Wikimedia grants for funding activities.


This discussion will continue in order to get specific agreements via mailing list: http://lists.openhatch.org/mailman/listinfo/wmf-outreach-staff