Visualeditor on mobile/Wikimedia Hackathon 2019

Usability testing: Edit CardsEdit

⚠️Open the links below on a smartphone

1. Add a new linkEdit

Imagine that you are on a bus reading an article about a fancy pencil. Right away, you notice that you can link the word "pencil" in the first paragraph of text to another Wikipedia article. How would you do that and publish your changes?

🔗Prototype link

2. Edit the link's labelEdit

Now, try change the label of that link to say "Arya Stark" instead of pencil. Publish your changes.

🔗Prototype link

3. Change the linkEdit

Instead of going to the pencil page on Wikipedia, have the link go to the Arya Stark page on Wikipedia. Publish your changes.

🔗Prototype link

4. Change the link, again!Edit

This time try to add a have the link direct to the FANDOM page about Arya Stark. Publish your changes.

🔗Prototype link

5. Unlink the textEdit

Try to remove the link. Publish your changes.

🔗Prototype link