Différences visuelles

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Un comparateur visuel compare et montre les différences entre des documents mis en forme (ou affichés), par opposition à l'affichage brut du texte (ou du html) qui est utilisé pour formater de tels documents.

Le système du comparateur visuel met en valeur du texte ajouté (version mars 2017).

The main approach for visual diffs in MediaWiki is the visual diffs system (pictured) provided by the VisualEditor extension, which compares the HTML of two documents. It provides visual diffs in VisualEditor's editing preview, as well as (still as a beta feature) in MediaWiki's standard diff display.

Another option for visual diffs is the VisualDiff extension, which adds visual diffs directly to the history page.

Previous attempts at visual diffs in MediaWiki include:

  • As part of their testing efforts, the Parsing team created the "Visual Diff Testing" tool (released around April 2016), which is a pixel differ of the page rendered as an image, used to identify differences between Parsoid and the legacy parser.

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