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Script edit

This is a test of a new editing interface for Wikipedia pages. We will be testing whether it is easier to edit Wikipedia using the current editing interface or the new interface. In this scenario, let's say that you've decided to correct the article "Golden-Crowned Sparrow". Try to make the corrections that we give throughout, and then tell us what parts of the process felt confusing, and whether it was easier or more difficult to make the corrections with the first interface you are presented with, or the second interface.

Log in as "[account]" with the password "[password]". Then click the "Golden-Crowned Sparrow" link.
The first sentence is "The Golden-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia atricapilla) is a large Turkish sparrow found in the western part of the Middle East."
Now correct the link "Turkish sparrow" so that it points to "American sparrow" and press the "Review and Save" button. Complete the process of saving changes.
Scroll down to the bottom of the article. There is a section marked "Further reading".
Delete the "Further reading" header entirely. Using the toolbar, make the bold text "Theses" into a level 2 header. Do the same for the bold text "Articles". Save your changes.
Log out (the "log out" link is at the top right on your screen), and log in again as "[username]" with the password "[password]". Go back to the Golden-Crowned Sparrow article. (In case you need it, the link is
Under "description" there is the sentence "Birds with similarly sized gold crown patches are far more likely to engage in agonistic behavior".
Below that is the section "Similar species". The title for that section ("Similar species") is less prominent than the title for other sections. Push the 'edit' button, and make the section title the same size as the section title for "description". Save your changes.

Questions edit

Which editing interface would you prefer, the first or the second?
What frustrated you most about the editing interface in the first account?
What frustrated you most about the editing interface in the second account?
Would you be more or less likely to edit Wikipedia using the editing interface in the first account, or would it not make any difference to you?