This page is a translated version of the page VisualEditor/Portal/Help and the translation is 100% complete.

Yin o the maist pressin needs sib til the deploymant o the VisualEditor is the chynges that will be needed til the vareeis Heelp pages oan the waurk. Ower the years, volunteers hae cræftit content tae heelp new eediters figure oot the wiki maurkup leid. Onfortunatelie, the new eeditin platform nou needs new heelp pages. Ae lot o documentation is wrutten fer the soorce eediter, that new uisers will nae langer be presentit wi bi defaut.

Ilka Wikipædia needs tae wairk oan this; we recommend the Uiser Guide fer the new eeditin interface aes ae guid steid tae tak content fae. Addeetionallie, gif yer waurk haes mair or less got updatin the heelp pages covered, the Uiser Guide needs tae be owerset n incorporated across the waurks. Gif ye hae leid skills in some o the leids o oor smaaer wikis, yer heelp is muckle desired!