VisualEditor/Design/Interaction inventory

This article lists all of the supported interactions of the VisualEditor.



The meta key is defined as both Command and Control. Either will work on a Mac. This is likely to be refined.

Interaction Result Browser
Meta+K Link All
Meta+I Italic All
Meta+B Bold All
Meta+X Cut All
Meta+C Copy All
Meta+V Paste All
Meta+Z Undo All
Meta+Shift+Z Redo All


Interaction Result Browser
Double-click Select a word All


Currently not working...

Interaction Expected Result Notes
Triple-click Select a line/paragraph
Tab Indent list item bugzilla:33142
Shift+Tab Outdent list item
Shift+Delete Cut text to clipboard Unable to support. bugzilla:33080
Alt+Left, Alt+Right Skip to word boundaries This is for Chrome/Mac
Command+Left, Command+Right Home and End This is for Chrome/Mac