VisualEditor/Design/Interaction inventory

This article lists all of the supported interactions of the VisualEditor.

Supported edit

Keyboard edit

The meta key is defined as both Command and Control. Either will work on a Mac. This is likely to be refined.

Interaction Result Browser
Meta+K Link All
Meta+I Italic All
Meta+B Bold All
Meta+X Cut All
Meta+C Copy All
Meta+V Paste All
Meta+Z Undo All
Meta+Shift+Z Redo All

Mouse edit

Interaction Result Browser
Double-click Select a word All

Unsupported edit

Currently not working...

Interaction Expected Result Notes
Triple-click Select a line/paragraph
Tab Indent list item bugzilla:33142
Shift+Tab Outdent list item
Shift+Delete Cut text to clipboard Unable to support. bugzilla:33080
Alt+Left, Alt+Right Skip to word boundaries This is for Chrome/Mac
Command+Left, Command+Right Home and End This is for Chrome/Mac