Attendees edit

  • Trevor
  • Roan (sleeping)
  • Rob
  • Christian
  • Inez
  • James [Skype]

Agenda edit

VisualEditor release - included features edit

  • Overall aim for June: Deployed on a test wiki; can push code to it; ideally with features like editing, but at least getting the full stack actually live so we find the problems and fix them.
  • Integration
    Click on Edit tab -> converts page into editable version of its own page in own namespace from the parsoid; only sysops able to edit wikitext source
  • Content types
    Text stuff - Bold/italics/headings/lists/pre/links/links/...
    Maybe image insertion? or at least editing around image
    Most "alien nodes" not supported - same as previous demo?
  • Round-tripping
    Use Web API / parsoid; need work on HTML<->Linear converters so we can round-trip correctly. (This is in lieu of view-the-source-as-you-type from previous demo.)

Status of modules edit

  • dm
    Status: Really close - maybe 3-4 days left. Unit tests mostly OK, needs work on transaction builders (Trevor & Roan working on) and converters (also Trevor & Roan).
    Data model is missing just a few functions, but almost there - needs toolbar to hook in formatting of blocks, typing needs to be got working. Linear model needs attention from Roan once DM done?
  • ce
    Status: Pretty advanced state
    Major outstanding features: Selection <-> linear model (maybe basic version today, hopefully better by end of week?), inserting tags around nodes/etc.; cursor movement by mouse, keyboard; PullContent (was working before, need to re-verify against the unit tests now it's changed).
  • ui
    Status: ??? - Worked with old code, needs adapting to new code
    Still pending on DM re-write (e.g. transaction build for wrapping lists), annotating text you slug in (bold/italics), inspecting (a link), converting (headings<->paragraphs), indentation & style changes [may need to drop these - in this order?]
  • integration
    Status: ??? - Could be quite big, but hopefully not.
    Working on getting editlink on certain namespaces replaced with inline editing (loading VE assets/etc.); experiementing with the new parsoid instead of the MW API (revealing some things with the converters)

What can James help with? edit

  • What will be helpful?
    [Need map of this so we can look at it and compare to our to-do list and update it, prioritise what we're working on, ensure what we're working on.]
    Use a bit of help with capturing to-dos - Visual editor/Todo list needs to capture dependencies and priorities in this (blocking on X)
    Maybe push more issues into Bugzilla or something? What's on the roadmap, who's working on what, ... PM stuff?
    Need to get more focus time from team - we have fewer engineers than other teams, they shouldn't be using up our team's time - help defending that position?
    Need to work on some things so Wikia can engage some more developers - a stronger internal API in the VE (toolbar APIs, APIs that allow you to add new nodes, ...) - need to be able to add people to the project at a really low cost [test-bed for plug-in architecture - pulling in videos/polls/quizes/etc. - if Wikia can use it, everyone can.]
  • What should he let be?

What kinds of meetings should we have and when? edit

(Guided by the principle of "as few as possible but no fewer".)

  • Keep the 4-day-a-week stand-ups - maybe push to a 1-hour window so James can dial in?
  • Up to the release, each Monday a start-off-the-day with "what are we doing for the week?"