Visual-based mobile editing/Ideas

The Editing team is developing some ideas about how to improve visual-based mobile editing. These ideas are based on user research and evaluation of the current software. You can read some of this research in the report on mobile editing using the visual editor.

You can helpEdit

  • Try out the mobile editing options! Here's how:
    1. Switch to the mobile view. You can click the "Mobile view" link at the very bottom of every page on your home wiki, or click on this wiki.
    2. Click the pencil icon in the top corner to open the wikitext editor.
    3. Click the pencil icon again, and choose "Visual editing".
    4. Make changes to the page. Click the checkmark when you're done editing, if you want to publish your changes.
  • Read the team's ideas, and then tell them what you think on the talk page.
  • Report bugs on Phabricator or by leaving a message at Talk:Visual-based mobile editing.

Request for early feedbackEdit

Please see this request: