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MphasiS IT Services designs and builds Information Technology (IT) architecture and applications for leading companies across the financial services, logistics, and insurance, technology and retail verticals. Its 3,800+ employees focus on delivering mission critical systems that provide best practice sales and service processes across branch offices, customer care centers, mobile and web-based channels, integrated with back-end processing systems to its clients.

Collaborative sourcing with MphasiS helps clients to manage their projects better by making a wider pool of specialist resources available and the flexibility to quickly ramp up or ramp down their IT teams. A 24x7 development environment ensures that projects are delivered on time, every time.

MphasiS development centers are certified at the highest level of quality by KPMG, thus ensuring that proven quality standards and processes are applied to all the projects delivered to enhance productivity, optimize risk, detect defects early, reduce post - production defects, and deliver within estimated timelines.

MphasiS has a track record of successfully executing 1, 200+ projects involving more than 12,000 person years of efforts in the areas of Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Application Development, Application Maintenance and Enhancements, Quality Assurance (QA) of software, Legacy system integration, migration and web-enablement, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. File:Itservices.jpg

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