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    <title>Waldir's Wikimedia tools</title>
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    <h1><a href="">Waldir</a>'s
    Wikimedia tools</h1>
    <h2>planned tools:</h2>
        <b>Template parameter usage in enwiki</b>, based on
        <a href="">templatetiger</a>
        (<a href="">GUI</a> /
        <a href="">doc</a> /
        <a href="">see also</a>)
      </li><!--Ask Kolossos for help-->
        <b>Orthographic projection map maker</b>
        (see <a href="">this</a>)
      <li>Bring <b><a href="">NickJ's Link suggester</a></b>
      back to life!!!</li><!--Note: NickJ said about moving to the toolserver:
      "I enquired years ago, but the site uses a daemon that consumes around
      600 to 800 MB of RAM, and there wasn't the available spare RAM
      on the toolserver then. Unless I'm informed otherwise, I'm going to assume
      that this still applies."
      Someone then commented:
      "Just FYI the tool server RAM limit is 1000 Megabytes now, but you can't
      use that much all the time."-->
        <b>Message dupe finder</b> — check which messages are the same in twn
        and local wikis, optionally display diffs, add links to edit twn, etc.
        See Robin's <a href="">MediaWiki namespace clean-up tool</a>.
        <b>Contributors</b> (like <a href="">Duesentrieb's</a>
        but counting total amount of chars changed. e.g.: <a href="">
        Dcoetzee's Contribution Surveyor</a>)
        <b>Web interface for <a href="">Flickrripper</a></b>
        <b>User contribution statistics:</b>
            <u>yet another edit counter</u> (see my
            <a href="">user page at meta.wikimedia</a>
            for strengths and weaknesses of existing ones)
            <u>Article creation stats</u>. See <a href="">Soxred's</a>.
            Allow marking/hiding redirects and disambiguations. Add creation date.
            <u>Contribs by topic</u> (based on <a href="">User:X!'s edit counter</a>,
            but adapted to provide category analysis, for users who <a href="">opt-in</a>)
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      <b><a href="">Waldir</a>'s Wikimedia tools: </b>
      <a href="">browse svn</a> |
      <a href="javascript:alert('svn checkout');">fork</a> |
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