Warning. Project current developing state is PRE-ALPHA. This means it can have a lot of bugs and very small functional.

System requirementsEdit

  • NET Framework 4+
  • VS 2010 Redistributable
  • Dokan user-mode library
Note: all libraries already included in installation package.


  1. Download installation package from and run. Process should take a while.
  2. After install complete you can see "Dokan" folder is up. Please close it.


  1. Run "MediawikiFSAlpha" shortcut from you desktop or from Start menu.
  2. You will see console window saying "Mounting". Wait a bit.
  3. Go to "My Computer". You should see removable disk R:\ mounted.
  4. Open disk R:\

Disk structureEdit

Inside virtual disk you will see some system folders:

  • Main namespace — there are all pages from NS_MAIN
  • Categories — there are all categories from NS_CATEGORY
  • Templates — there are all templates from NS_TEMPLATE
  • Forms, Properties — same as above..

How to view file contentsEdit

Just open any file in folder with your favorite editor.

How to edit file contentsEdit

Use your favorite editor to open file, edit it and save.

Warning. You should TURN OFF creation of any temporary files in editor options. 
Option can be called "safe edit" in PhpStorm or "atomic_save" in Sublime text, etc.