Main goal to achieve is to get tool which can represent mediawiki site content as file system. Since Mediawiki + Semantic Mediawiki + Semantic Forms (and related extensions) becomes more than just encyclopedia, but Knowledge(Information) Management System. However, structure grows and it's become harder to maintain this amount of forms, template and properties. Ability to manipulate mediawiki contents like files and folders can help with this problem. Mediawiki pages can be attached like virtual disk and manipulated from IDE, edited via favorite text editor, etc.



  • Virtual disk can be attached to system.
  • Mediawiki pages from NS_MAIN namespace can be listed in directory.
  • Contents of pages can be viewed (read-only mode)
  • Every page have right size and edit time fetched.
  • Console interface.

Alpha 1Edit

  • Contents of pages can be edited and saved.
  • Display pages from NS_TEMPLATE, SF_NS_FORM, NS_CATEGORY namespaces.
  • New pages can be created.
  • Mediawiki authentication supported.

Alpha 2Edit

  • Introduce caching mechanism (Reduce system latency, big deal).
  • Optimize api/http calls (bulk procedures)


  • Migrate to WPF/Forms. Focus on UI.

Unknown versionEdit

  • Port MediawikiFS to pyDokan for linux.