User:VanGore/Mediawiki as CMS

Next to special extensions like CMS-WIKI-like you can use Mediawiki as Content Management System (CMS) out of the Box. Of course you wont allow anybody to edit your personal/organizational/thematic privat or corporate Website. But you can manage User rights and only allow your Webmasters to edit.

The benefit of using a (media)wiki as CMS is the easy system of page, edit pages and new pages, but also several other.

But most CMS-Mediaiwiki look like a Mediawiki, or even like Wikipedia, this isn't mandatory. You can customiz every design like in other CMS.

CSS and JSEdit

Some settings for your MediaWiki:Common.css

.portal h5,
#mw-searchButton {
display: none; /* remove all tools and wikistuff */

/* start customizing */
body {
background-color: #c3dee9; /* example for a new color */
padding: 260px 0 0 60px; /* example for a new proportion */
#p-logo {
top: -180px;

Some settings for your MediaWiki:Common.js

$(document).ready(function() {
 if ( wgUserName != null ) { // reappearance wikistuff like editbutton for your website staff
  $('#mw-head').css({ "display": "block" });

Useful ExtensionsEdit