User:Tgr (WMF)/project ideas

These were submitted (in a much more terse format) to the 2018-19 Audiences project proposal process.

  • sister project incubator: build infrastructure for trialing and growing new sister projects, to cover currently unsupported areas of knowledge, and enable social and technical innovation
  • gadget DX: modern developer experience for gadgets and modules
  • fork & merge: improve the merge ("edit conflict") workflow and allow edits to be stashed and merged later, to support better review workflows (a draft namespace for edits), collaboration around article rewrites, and offline editing
  • claims: make claims (such as statements of fact) individual units that can be organized in some kind of staging area for each article
  • blame maps: make it easy to identify for each piece of article text who wrote it / how long ago it was written / how much review and copyediting it survived
  • anti-abuse AI platform: build a machine learning platform that can automatically detect attacks by remembering and extrapolating request patterns (IPs, user agents etc) and behavioral patterns (such as mouse / keyboard input dynamics or sequences of requests), guided by input from human spamfighters
  • microcontributions platform: set up a platform for easy deployment of OAuth-based external services to support microcontribution workflows
  • structured article data: allow local structured data (such as infobox fields) in wikis to decouple the two hard steps in Wikidata integration (change of editing workflows and change of power and communication structures)