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Ten Things Technical Volunteers Can Do to Make Wikimedia Projects BetterEdit

  1. Fix an annoying little bug today: Annoying Little Bug
  2. Help test and localize WikiLove, and implement ideas from the idea log: WikiLove/Idea Log. WikiLove doesn’t just have to be tea and cookies. Make this tool work for you and your community.
  3. Get involved with other New Editor Engagement projects: New Editor Engagement. New editors means more help for the Wikimedia projects you care the most about. Let’s figure out ways to find great new volunteers.
  4. Fix right-to-left issues for speakers of Farsi, Arabic, Hebrew and more: This will bring us one step closer to the sum of all knowledge for every language.
  5. Give us test cases for the new parser and get involved in the visual editor development: Future. The new parser will enable us to get a WYSIWYG editor that can scale for a top ten website like Wikipedia.
  6. Test the mobile site on your phone. Tell us how you use Wikipedia while you’re away from your desktop, and how we can make it better. See: m:Mobile Projects
  7. Prioritize and validate bugs at Bug smashing makes everyone’s day better.
  8. Install and test MediaWiki on Linux, Windows and Mac, and report problems.
  9. Make Article Feedback data more useful by building dashboards and other tools: Article feedback/Data. There are thousands of ratings, but it’s still hard to see which ones are helpful to authors.
  10. Build any idea that strikes your fancy as a MediaWiki extension, gadget or patch. Looking for inspiration? Feature map may help.

Your liaison: Sumana Harihareswara, volunteer development coordinator, and sumanah on FreeNode IRC.

General pointers for tech volunteers: