Google EBooks example:
        Fuel Cell Handbook (Sixth Edition)

This eBooks template requires Extension:Website in iFrame and works behind an intranet firewall. It is critical to get the format exactly right:

  • You must include a page and id.
  • websiteFrame parses using "/n" as a variable separator so you need a return after each one.
  • Do not put a | before your variables (except the initial | after #tag:websiteFrame to allow for the content parse) !

This example is for a template named Template:Book. Valid input, Fuel Cell Handbook, is suggested below it.

This will not work on Wikipedia sites...

create an article on your wiki named
create an article on your wiki named
Fuel Cell Handbook (Sixth Edition)
|id     = Pigi-qVoGa8C
|page   = SA8-PA99


How to get Google book idsEdit

Google book id in browsers address bar

1) Use Googles advanced book search

2) Select a Google ebook by clicking on it.

3) Look at your browser's URL address bar (yours might be hidden)

4) The id is right after id= and before the next &

In this case: y9n0SF_UXwEC

|id     = y9n0SF_UXwEC
|name   = Wikis for Dummies
|page   = PP0