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2022.December, by Sarri.greek, Sarri.greek@el.wiktionary. I knew nothing about wikitext or Lua. I had, (at my old age!), to learn a few things, just to keep our wiktionary updated. We did not copy from the very professional en.wikt modules, because we cannot understand the maze of required modules and pages.
The wonderful project Multilingual Template and Modules @mediawiki is too difficult for us.

What would be helpuful for ignorant editors, in my very simple words, with wiktionaries in mind (multilingual issues there):

The principles Edit


  • A 'namespace' (e.g. intrawiki) which will be common for all wikimedia projects of all languages. No need for copies. This i‑namespace has unchangeable data, templates, modules, or things that are not language specific. They can be called from the wikis with some gadget with a prefix like i-
    e.g. all the little templates for text-formation, or modules for ISO transliterations (which are standard).
  • All instructions and documentations are in Simple English. Documentations may have a 'version' at the 'local language' project to be filled. Both Instructions are visible (always the original English). Documentations show the expression ready to copypaste and a real example available.
  • Either wikitext (Templates) or scribunto Lua (Modules) is written in the simplest possible way. As standalone as possible.
  • These objects are locked to everyone except designated administrators assigned to this project.
  • Start with very easy, very common things, with no language texts involved.
  • Advertise this project at all wikimedia projects, especially to small ones. «If you like it, use it!» and to the large ones, which pride for excellent modules: «Would you come help us create global modules for small wikis?» Keep discussing with their editors and admins about unifying issues (small issues in the first years).
    • e.g. nocat=1 nolink=1 noparenthesis=1 nodisplay=1. For some languages one would need 3 changes of keyboard to type parameters. At el.wikt we use 0=- (noparenthesis or strip style), 00=- (nocat=1), 000=- (nodisplay=1)

2) -at a later phase-

  • Provide a 'suitcase' of canvasses of commonly needed modules for particular wikiprojects, to be copied and filled in with optional 'local blocks'. Every name of a template of module may be redirected to a local name. Every parameter has an empty 'local' variant available ready‑to‑fill‑in.
  • They may be activated or not. Or parts of them. E.g. inflection tables can never be global: the mother-wiktionary has much more complex system. There can be 2 or 3 levels as proposed canvasses.
  • These could be supervised (if any changes at the canvas, there is notification)

And PS. No capital inital letter is needed for names of Template or Modules.
"Do not use uppercase initial letter in titles, unless necessary": Make wikipedias case sensitive. (w:en:Brown versus brown, the colour.)

Example: First page Edit

Example: Fist page of the project. A presentation of all i- objects: what is provided. It could look something like...

welcome to i- index
We provide global data, templates, modules for all wikimedia projects.
No need to copy! Call directly from your pages.
Before anything: you must copy these to your project:
  • this
  • that
  • Templates
  • Templates from modules
  • Modules
  • Modules for data
  • Help
templates from modules
Category:Templates from modules
call from your wiki with
call from your wiki
Category:Templates for text formatting
  • i-Template:small
  • i-Template:small caps
  • i-Template:....
  • make boxes, info boxes
  • ref and ...
  • Template - Module make categories
  • ...
call from your wiki with
call from your modules with
zzzz = require('i-Module:data-xxxx')
  • i-Module:get from page title

Category:Modules for words (get parts of a word)

  • minus letters/characters from end
    • i-Module:word-minus1last = i-Template:word-1
    • i-Module:word-minus2last = i-Template:word-2

Category:Modules for links

  • i-Module:....
Category:Data for languages
  • i-Module:Data languages ISO
  • i-Module:Data ISO transliteration...
  • i-Module:Data convert Unicode to...

Category:Meta modules (administrators only)

  • ...
ask for help
Ask and explain what you need. Give a short exmple.
  • Discussions/Talks:
    • Ask for a change
    • Report a problem
  • Ask for a new template or module
  • Ask for data
  • Ask for a volunteer
Volunteers for technical matters
  • for wikipedias
    • User:... (from en.wikipedia)
    • .....
  • for wiktionary


Example:a template Edit

Example: i-Template:small

i-Template:small/documenation could look like

  This is a global i-Template for all wikiprojects.
This is release 4 Report a problem here.
  This template is protected.

This template makes the letters small like <small>....</small>
write at your wiki output     compare default
{{i-{{small|xxxx}}}}     xxxx xxxx
CANNOT write = Use: &#61; = (in links of internet addresses)
CANNOT write | Use: &#124; | (pipe for other templates)

<span style="font-size:80%;">{{{1|}}}</span><noinclude>{{i-documentation}}</noinclude>

This could be the local documentation:

[some link view i-documentation]
<!-- OPTIONAL: Translate the i-documentation in your language -->

<!--Please, ADD CATEGORIES for YOUR wiki HERE -->