Name Data type Description
$wikiPage WikiPage The page being modified
$user User The user performing the modification
$content Content The new content
$summary string Edit summary/comment
$isMinor boolean Whether or not the edit was marked as minor
$isWatch (No longer used)
$section (No longer used)
$flags array Flags passed to WikiPage::doEditContent()
$revision Revision The saved content. If the save did not result in the creation of a new revision (e.g. the submission was equal to the latest revision), this parameter may be null (null edits, or "no-op"). However, there are reports (see phab:T128838) that it's instead set to that latest revision.
$status Status Status object about to be returned by doEditContent()
$baseRevId int or boolean(false) the rev ID (or false) this edit was based on
$undidRevId int the rev ID (or 0) this edit undid 1.30+