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User:SPage (WMF)/common.js

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// console.log( 'Starting my common.js...' );
// From
importScript( 'User:SPage_(WMF)/JStransforms.js' );

// [[User:TheDJ/ActualLivePreview.js]]

// Obsolete now that Parsoid is everywhere? importScript( 'User:Jackmcbarn/parsoidview.js' );
// importScript( 'User:SPage (WMF)/agoraPanel.js' );
 * Per instructions at Talk:Guided_tours
console.log( 'Tychay guidedTour.js' );
// importScript('User:Tychay/guidedTour.js');

// importScript( 'User:S Page (WMF)/xx.js')