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User:SPage (WMF)/ZeroPortal

From phab:T87289 "MediaWiki Developer Summit 2015: Building websites with MediaWiki + Lua"


  • locked-down wiki
  • small userbase
  • use MediaWiki infrastructure

ZeroPortal uses one whitelisted page,

  • this is configured as the main page of the wiki
  • this just invokes a Lua module
    • loads other templates and wikitext (that admins can edit)
    • routes to special pages



  • Wikimedia Zero is driven by JSON config files edited by operators
    • Lua extended to handle JSON (built-in JSON support in Lua is coming)
  • JsonConfig extension for JSON configuration files in the Zero: namespace


  • Python script uploads blobs of data to the wiki
  • Graph extension to render graphs


  • Instead of a skin, admin just modifies MediaWiki:Content.css (see it)


  • * Disable caching (small userbase).

A Special page is not cached.