JavaScript gadget to sort page lists on special pages.

On pages like “Whatlinkshere” several hundred results may occur in any order dropped from database query. Name spaces are mixed randomly, no one gets a survey.

Usage Edit

  • If your project has registered this as a gadget, just activate on your Preferences page.
  • Otherwise include the following lines into your common.js or skin dependant like vector.js, or even global.js:
  • If you are blocking scripts from sites other than your local Wiki you might need to put on the whitelist.
  • The gadget works also with non-WMF sites using MediaWiki.
  • The script may be loaded by anonymous users, e.g. via greasemonkey.

Effects Edit

By default there is just a link added to the content actions of portlet. If sorting is needed it may be requested manually.

However, some types of special pages may be configured by user to perform sorting automatically, if machine is fast enough and response time acceptable to the user.

Standard collation is by namespace and page title.

Some pages get a second and even more action links: Sort by URL, and Watchlist and Recentchanges may be sorted by user or summary, Newpages also by size.

Supported pages
Canonical name Regular output
Contributions most recent on top
LinkSearch unsorted
Newpages most recent on top
Recentchanges most recent on top
Search best match on top
Watchlist most recent on top
Whatlinkshere unsorted

Other pages may be added if meaningful use has been found. Some 20 maintenance page lists are available right now.

For Allpages and Prefixindex it is offered to convert the three column table into a list. With long page names (perhaps caused by subpage path) they may be confusing to read.

The server provides unordered lists. These are always turned into numbered lists, since a larger number of pages sharing the same property can be derived easily.

Note that the information is gained by screengrabbing. If some details in formatting change, extraction of sortkey might fail. Please notify me.

Customization Edit

Quick interactive configuration Edit

Options can be set interactively on Special:Blankpage, if the script has been loaded before.

They are the same as described in next section:

  • Automatic sorting for specified special pages
  • Insertion of portlet-link: always, never, on particular pages only
  • Ignore case on sorting
  • Keep page together with talk page

These requests are stored together with user preferences on Wiki server and will be in effect on all browsers. They are overriding settings from the following section.

Anonymous users can use this mode, too; options will be stored in browser profile rather than on wiki server.

Javascript object Edit

Insert code similar to the following lines into common.js etc. before mw.loader.load:

var myListOpts = { };       // use any name you like
myListOpts.key1 = value1;   // example
// ... etc.
mw.hook( "resultListSort.before" ).fire( myListOpts );
mw.loader.load( /* ... */ );    // as shown above
Key Value Meaning
  • string
  • Array of strings
  • true
  • false
Perform sorting automatically when matching wgCanonicalSpecialPageName.
true – all unsorted pages
Default: false – No automatism; trigger by portlet or other
portlet Create portlet link when matching wgCanonicalSpecialPageName.
true – all supported pages
Default: all supported pages
casing true Perform case-insensitive sorting.
Default: false – case-sensitive
group true Keep page together with talk page.
Default: false – namespace by namespace

API Edit

Two functions are exposed to users. They are available if the current page is a special page.

If you want to make use of the API you may place the following call wherever you want:

mw.hook( "resultListSort.ready" ).add( myTask );

When loading of all components has been completed, the resultListSort.ready hook will be fired.

Here is myTask a callback function with the actual functionality of the user application.

function myTask( application ) may use one parameter. That is the application object for the API. It provides some version information as well as functions on special pages.

Function Effect
.fresh(apply) Restart the entire gadget
Parameter (optional): number with distinguisher for alternative collation. Possible values may be grabbed from portlet links.
Dependency: mediawiki.util
.flip(apply) Update portlet links
Parameter (optional): same as above.
Dependency: mediawiki.util

mw.libs Edit

The application object will be mapped into mw.libs.resultListSort component.

Option values may be assigned to this object before loading.

Selective loading Edit

Since the gadget is meaningful on special pages only, loading may be limited to such pages:

if ( mw.config.get( "wgNamespaceNumber" )  ===  -1 ) {

Codes Edit

Source code
  • ext.gadget.resultListSort for Extension:Gadgets
  • Dependencies: user, user.options, mediawiki.user, mediawiki.util
Namespaces -1
  • resultListSort.ready – loading completed, get application object
  • resultListSort.before – submit preferences
mw.libs resultListSort
Cookies Anonymous users only:
  • 1.26 ( options for anonymous users
  • 1.20 for registered users
  • IE: >8 required.
  • No other limitation known.

Other languages Edit

This gadget is prepared for multilingual support.