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The final project report for my Season of Docs 2019 project with The Wikimedia Foundation: Improve documentation for Wikimedia’s technical documentarians and videographers.

Project descriptionEdit

Originally, this project aimed to improve the on-wiki documentation, guidelines and resources for technical writers and videographers across Wikimedia projects.

The project plan was later changed to improve Toolforge and Cloud VPS technical documentation instead of documentation for videographers.

Mentors: Sarah Rodlund, Srishti Sethi

Work doneEdit

The following documents were improved/created during Season of Docs 2019.

Technical documentationEdit

Document Description
Documentation Revised to be a hub for all MediaWiki pages on technical documentation
Technical documentation prioritization Worked on some guidelines to create documentation tasks on Phabricator
Technical documentation templates and suggestions Updated the reference guide on the different technical writing generes
New technical writers Created a guide for new technical writers to get started
Technical writer guide Created a page where technical documentarians can collaborate and share resources
Documentation/Style guide Made structural tweaks and updated some sections
Documentation/Style guide/templates Tabularized the document formatting templates
Technical Documentation Tasks for Hack-a-thons Currated a list of tasks suitable for hackathons
Graphics in technical documentation Created a page on using graphics in technical documentation

Toolforge and Cloud VPSEdit

Document Description
Template:Toolforge nav Improved the navigation template for Toolforge
Template:Cloud VPS nav Created a navigation template for Cloud VPS
Help:Toolforge/Developing Improved the documentation on developing tools with Toolforge
Toolforge and Cloud VPS categories Assessed the Toolforge and Cloud VPS document categories

Other contributionsEdit

Link Description
Season of Docs /2019 /Participants Updated the information about Season of Docs on MediaWiki   In progress
API:FAQ Improved the MediaWiki Action API FAQ page
MediaWiki documentation improvements project guidelines Created a getting started guide for an Outreacy/GCI task
Outreachy-19 Helped Outreachy'19 applicants on the community chat forum
Google Code-In 2019 Will be mentoring a Google Code-In 2019 task with The Wikimedia Foundation

Blog postsEdit