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Search 3 ToDo ListEdit

  1.   Project MigrationFix To Maven
    •   The POM for Code Coverage Reports.
    •   Packaging to JAR
    •   update ANT task to Maven Goal and remove ?
  1. Development
    •   Upgrade to Version 2.9.4 of Lucene.
        •   of 89 compilation errors fixed .
        •   468 of 943 (777 old and 166 new) warnings unfixed .
        •   5 of 27 unit test broken.
      • Code base reduction by two classes.
  1. Deployment   Fix Labs
  2.   Write common configuration to support cloud installation
  3.   Complete the project Risk Assessment
  4.   Complete the project Test Plan
    •   access to testing resources (new path src/test/resources and using the jar as well)?
    •   migrate to junit 4.10 and break down the test to smallest resolution
  1.   Track project Resouces
  2.   Do A Project Work Plan
  3.   Fix Bugs
    •   Get Bug Into Myln [1]
    •   Systematicly Review Bugs and Fix the Lucene Search bugs, [2]
    •   Fix the Bugs [3]
  4.  Documentation
      1.  Get Dev Docs Skeleton into CI
      2.  Get Dev Specs into the CI
  5. Automatic Language Detection
    1. Task: automate generating Tika profiles for all wiki-project languages.
  6. Search Q&A
    1. How to get all the units tests to pass?
  1. Links:
    1. Labs Page
    2. Search extension
    3. Search Integration extension.
    4. XML Search extension.