• should <nowiki> tags work recursively?
  • test spec: <nowiki> {{echo|bravo} } <nowiki> {{echo|charlie}} </nowiki> {{echo|delta}} </nowiki>
  • result: {{echo|bravo}}<nowiki>{{echo|gamma}}delta</nowiki>
  • expected : three unexpanded templates if they nest
  • actual: an expanded echo delata if they don't

Can NOWIKI hava an attributeEdit

  • question is <nowiki style="text-decoration:underline"> a legal NOWIKI tag:
  • test:<nowiki style="text-decoration:underline">''text'' </nowiki>
  • result:''text''
  • expected: is attribute are allowed the ' should not be expanded
  • if attributes are alowed shouldn't they work ? (this would require changing no wiki to a P or DIV with the same attribues.
  • actual: attributes are alowed but they seem to be ignored

can a bad attribute break a nowiki tagEdit

  • question is <nowiki style="before>after"> a legal NOWIKI tag:
  • test:<nowiki style="before>after">''text'' </nowiki>
  • result:after">''text''
  • expected:the attributes are parsed up to > and the rest of the syntax ignored.

NOTE: this means that <nowiki> is not handled very well.