Budpaest WikiMedia R&D SigEdit


  1. Create a live forum to advance and communicate R&D issues related to MediaWiki.
  2. Create a gateway for new developers and researches to be mentored and interact with the community.
  1. First meeting between Berlin and Wikimania.


  • Create a Special Interst Group on WikiMedia related reseach techniques and development options.
  • Discuss recent advances in research.
  • Workshops on development tools.
  • Tutorials on development of:
    • Robots in Java & Python.
    • User Scripts and Gadgets.
    • Extensions in PHP.



Researcher ActivitiesEdit

  • Reports on ongoing research work by SIG members or Guests.
  • Discussion of techniques MediaWiki related research methodologies.
  • Expertise on available data set and data set development.
  • How to collaboration on R&D.
  • How to interact with WMF research initiatives.
  • How to working With the community.
  • Confrences and Publications.
  • Grant/Job offers posting for researchers.

The R&D SIG will also be discussing development and will also have developers who can work as contractors for researchers who need cutom development to collect and extract dataset or other MediaWiki specific customizations.


Developer ActivitiesEdit

  • Workshop on MediaWiki open source development environment.
    • Getting MediaWiki Binaries and Source
    • Extensions in PHP.
    • Git & Garret
    • Bugzilla
    • CodeReview
    • Media Wiki Labs adn the Tool Server
    • IRC
    • Mailing Lists
  • Tutorials on development of:
    • Robots in Java & Python.
    • User Scripts and Gadgets.


  • Online
    • Hungrian Mailing List
    • Hungrian Chapter
    • MediaWiki
    • Meta
  • Institutions
    • Universities
      • Computer Science and Information Science.
      • Social Netwok and CSCW researchers.
      • Computational Linguistics.
    • IT companies
      • Large Companies with resource to support the Sig (Sponsers).


  • SIG should aim for 6-20 members initialy.
  • Meetings will be held every other week - though frequency can change depending on groups size.
  • Speakers will coordinate online a month before.
  • Members will coordinate online as well about a week before the meetings
  • Location initaly at my confrence room but roaming may be good as well - locations will be coordinated online as well.