Multimedia Features 03/31/2011

Attendees: Alolita, Kaldari, Michael Dale, Brandon, Neil, the Ghost of Christmas Past

Uploading to Commons is like doing taxes :-) ... Kaldari

Neil's Monologue


Dividing things according to how development thinks, not users.

  1. Database and API
    1. Fix the problem of URL == title == downloaded filename.
    2. Canonical File extensions (same problem) bugzilla:4421 - Robla's extension
    3. Licensing/author metadata in the database
    4. File stashing / staging
    5. Tagging
      1. Machine Tagging
  1. Operations
    1. New Search Engine
  1. Design & interface
  2. File Page redesign
  3. Better batch features
  4. Non-destructive derivative files as new versions or alternative version
    1. -- e.g. Rotation of Images, Cropping,
    2. New Browsers can do Contrast, Hue, Sharpening etc. etc.
  5. Improving Uploading Experience
    1. Flickr Imports
    2. Upload by URLs -
  6. Turbo Commons (licensing Wizard) -- analogy to TurboTax, where it simply asks you questions you do understand, to make decisions about things you don't understand.
  7. Better reviewing tools
  • Workflow tools - Article for deletion simpler, tagging for copyvio easier
  • SVG editing

Principle of how to interact

  1. Involve community in defining problems
  2. We do bold steps that have high impact, what we only have the ability to do
  3. Involve the community in executing solutions
For instance, if there are HTML/template changes, we can do design & others can impl
Example: do a Twinkle that others can modify, write plugins. Look at common workflows.

What we develop

  1. We don't care if it's not appropriate for Wikipedia
  2. Develop in extensions; maybe even fork

Communicating better

  1. Blog more, tell stories
  2. new/experimental features should be more prominent, designed in
    1. Kaldari's example - "my uploads" feature, too hidden


  • Tagging
  • File: page
  • User galleries
  • Frickin Flickr uploading
  • Centralize "Fair Use" items
  • "Article Feedback Tool"

Look at also

  • Guillaume's list
  • Bugzilla - bug list which has feature suggestions
  • Erik's list of multimedia features