Part of my Outreachy project involves creating a web app to demo how to make requests, parse JSON, and display images/text from the API. Such an app is aimed at helping beginner programmers, and people new to the API.

Brainstorming edit


Existing apps edit

Edit counter - a highly thorough data analysis of user contributions per wiki

Tutorial draft edit


User flow/rough mockups edit

Userflow/Rough mockups
Wikiquiz Contributions Feature feed

Frameworks/libraries edit

We'll be using Flask, and Bootstrap for styling.

Spellchecker edit

Pyspellchecker - supports German, Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French

Data visualization tools edit

  • Pandas - very popular, basic functions for charting
  • Seaborn - more choices in terms of presentation
  • Bokeh - designed for integration with web browsers
  • Pygal - pretty Python charting, with fairly simple syntax & web integration

Useful links edit