User:Legoktm/Wikimania 2016 steward tools

Legoktm sat down with Ajraddatz during the Wikimania 2016 hackathon to first-hand watch the steward workflow, and identify/discuss where potential improvements could be made. These notes are kinda incomplete and need bug references and whatnot added to them

  • global CU!
  • suppress local users when already locally blocked (bug ###)
  • use meta for CU since scripts work there
  • workflow: look up user's IP, open tab to gblock the IP, then get users for the IP, and lock those
    • make get users more compact without losing info
  • Multilock is slooow, look into the performance of it
  • 1-step multilock, enter names on the same page (mostly because it's slow)
  • look into making a "lite" version of the page
  • global nuke/revert all (bug ####)
  • smart rollback - m:User:Hoo man/smart rollback.js
    • expand with block/revert/delete in 1 click (wham! tool on wikia)
  • easylock - like easyblock en.wp script but for locking
    • should show up on contribs pages and CU
  • expose email in CU
  • mobile ranges are a bigger problem than open proxies
  • IPBE isn't actually abused that much
  • user group editor for other wikis on-wiki instead of site requests config
  • make global abusefilter actually global - need to work with communities in a system like global rename rollout (it is coming, what does your community need to make it successful kind of thing)